Be Simple. Be Kind. Be Inspired.

Hello Friends!

We are  so excited to share this post with you! We have been up to some pretty fun and exciting things lately and just wanted to share! This really isn’t photography related but thats OK.  About 3 months ago right after my little Quinn was born I was thinking about my amazing kiddos and how truly blessed I feel to be able to raise these precious souls. I asked myself if there were three things I could tell them to remember always,  what would it be? These 3 words came to mind instantly… Simple, Kind, Inspired. I want my children to live for Christ, and in doing that I want them to live simple but full lives. I want them to be kind to others and I want them to be inspired by their dreams and live them out entirely. I want them to be Happy no matter what comes their way. So, after all these thoughts were racing through my head I called my good friend Katherine who is always so encouraging when it comes to my crazy ideas…I think its because I’m just like her 😉 and we partnered up and decided to put it on a Tshirt! We got 2 made one for each of us and a couple of our friends wanted one so we decided to order more to see what happens! We have gone to a couple craft shows and they sold out so now we thought we would share with all of you!! Everyone was in love with the cute little onesies! Lots of people bought them as gifts for others. So, if any of you are interested in purchasing either a Tshirt or a Onesie you can contact me @ or comment below! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled because this is just the beginning, we have more to come!:)

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