Portrait sessions

So, what are you getting yourself into?

A session with JLP is all about what makes you, YOU. During your session, I aim for a laid back and fun-loving atmosphere. You should not expect to be posed tightly, looking at the camera with a plastered smile, and saying “cheese”. I aim to have you and your family giggling, interacting, and beaming with love. These playful in between moments are what I wait for, and are what truly shows the bonds and love family have for each other.


Amidst all of the chaos, high nerves and emotions, I want to capture your wedding day exactly how it unfolds, for better or for worst! I aim to tell the story of your day through my photographs, so that years from now you can remember how it felt. From the flowers, to the details of your wardrobe, I strive to capture you as a couple.

While there will be formal portraits of yourselves with family, you will treasure the moment’s you weren’t prepared for. When Uncle John tells that funny story for the millionth time, I will catch your laughter (or your eye roll).  I will interpret a scene as it unfolds, and adjust a pose when I need to, if I need to.

With me as your wedding photographer, you can trust that at least one thing during your wedding will go smoothly and seamlessly.